About Us

Music is accessible to everyone; at Forte, we enjoy working with people of all musical understanding. Whether musically experienced or simply enthusiastic, sessions at Forte are carefully planned to provide participants with a variety of activities designed to benefit their well-being through the pleasure of a musical encounter.

With music styles ranging from swing to hip-hop, group members can sing, move and play percussive instruments in a fun and engaging group environment, drawing them together and creating a sense of belonging and value.


The Benefits of Our Programs

Exposing ourselves to music on a regular basis allows…

Feelin’ Good:

Creating music together with others helps the participants feel valued and supported. Creative activities are known to stimulate positive hormones and lift the spirits.

Self Expression:

Music provides alternative ways to express yourself and opens up different paths to reveal varying emotions. Stimulating every part of the brain, music allows us to communicate through alternative channels, eliciting a sense of expectation, achievement and hope.

Brain Training:

Music making is accessible to everyone regardless of their understanding of the subject. Singing, humming, swaying or moving with others releases a warm and comforting feeling, creating higher cognitive function and emotional wellbeing.

Feel the Rhythm:

Music makes you move and dance without necessarily being aware of it. However small or large the physical movement – from finger tapping to dancing – supports a whole range of competence without you knowing. Movement and singing exercises our muscles, loosens our joints and develops lung capacity, helping strength, posture and stamina.

Looking forward:

Regular light hearted and fun filled music sessions provide an anchor in the participants diary – something to look forward to and enjoy.

Having Fun:

Most of all, creating music together is all about having fun!